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Austin Newcomb

Posted on July 08 2014

Austin Newcomb

Austin Newcomb

Austin was hit by a hit and run driver on March 23, 2013. He was in a coma since the moment of impact and suffered a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury and many broken bones they were uncertain for days if he would even make it; but he is young and strong ( thanks to him being in MMA) and he is still here. They can’t say if he will recover fully and what he will be like when he does; as every brain injury is different and no two heal the same. He was 16 at the time he has recently turned 17. He has undergone over 23 surgeries and he is due back in the Stonybrook Hospital for yet another surgery on March 6th and at this point his future is still uncertain. He is showing signs that he is coming back by responding to simple commands, which in Austin’s world is huge and we are very excited and encouraged by everything he does. He was in the hospital for 6 months (most of that time was spent in ICU) until they said there is nothing more we can do here and wanted to discharge him into a nursing home, his parents refused to do that and brought Austin home and they care for him 24/7 , we had ramps built , the garage converted into a bedroom with bathroom and all had to be handicapped accessible and my daughter-in-law had to leave her job to care for Austin, she has not left his side for the entire 11 months and she worries and doesn’t sleep as any Mom would. My son works all day (with Village Dock) and then takes over his care at night and on the weekends he is hands on to give Jenny a break. It is very difficult to be a caregiver to someone who is not fully awake since they can’t help with anything, he can’t speak, walk, talk or eat he has a feeding tube in his stomach so they have to watch him every second of the day and they go by his vitals to see if there is a problem, he is on over 25 medications which have to be ground up and put in his feeding tube several times a day which in itself is a chore. To give him a shower is a whole process which takes over an hour and my son does that every single night. We are trying to raise money for medical expenses. So any help you could give to his family at this time would be greatly appreciated. My son is 39 and suffered a heart attack 2 years ago and had to have 8 shunts put in not only do I worry about my grandson I worry about the stress of him worrying about his family and the financial burdens that are on him at this time, this is all because of a careless action of someone who should not have been driving and his family needs him more than ever now. Picture your child or grandson sleeping in their bed while you go in to check on them before retiring and how sweet and peaceful they look. Now picture that is all you get from them. They just lay there not talking, laughing, smiling, being a typical kid. Well that is Austin’s life right now and we want him back and we are trying everything we can think of to make that happen and we wont give up.. Thank you for any consideration you might have in this matter and God Bless.

Pat Newcomb- Snedecor

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