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Arachnoiditis and Tarlov Cyst Disease

Posted on September 15 2014

Arachnoiditis and Tarlov Cyst Disease
Hi... I'm a 42 year old mom, wife and grandmother. I have arachnoiditis and Tarlov Cyst Disease. Both are rare chronic pain diseases. I was diagnosed with Araxhnoiditis in 2013 after my symptoms of pain, twitching, burning, and mobility started to decline. According to my diagnosis I have Arachnoiditis in my mid thorasic from a car wreck in 1989, when I broke 3 vertebras in my mid thoracic and then in 1992 & 1995, I had 2 epidural steroid injections during labor. After each injections, I stayed "numb" for about 8-9 hours after the injection. Years later, I always had pain in the areas of injection. It always felt like I was being stuck with the needle again for the epidural. As the years passed, I always had the pain in mid thorasic and lumbar area. After a bad fall in 2009, I kept having severe pain in my lower back and tailbone. Flyer an MRI a couple of weeks later, I was diagnosed with Tarlov Cyst Disease, in my sacral. According to my MRI, it is the size of a golfball and I have 5 more in my tailbone area also. I was able to work 2 more years and finally had to quit my job and file for disability. Now, because of the damaging affects of Arachnoiditis, I spend most of my days in a wheel chair. I can not walk more than a few steps without assistance of a walker or holding on to someone, and no more than about twenty steps at all. Between the pain of Arachnoiditis and Tarlov Cyst Disease, my life will never be the same again. I will live in chronic pain for the rest of my life. Through it all, I choose to help educate and encourage others as much as I can. Together we are strong and together, we Fight for a cure!!!


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