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anonymous post

Posted on September 06 2014

I was diagnosed with Hep C in 1996 and underwent injections of Interferon with had really bad side effects on me. Eventually after 6 weeks of injections the doctor pulled me off of it due to lab results. In Jan. 2013 I had a liver transplant which I was so blessed to receive and in March 2014 a biopsy was taken of the new liver which showed significant Hep C had returned. I was then started on Pegasus, Ribavirin and Sovaldi. After 12 weeks of injections I am absolutely clear of Hep C. I haven't felt this good in so long it is strange to me. I have been so blessed with good doctors, drugs and the chance of enjoying my grandkids again. For anyone reading this if you have taken Interferon before then ask for the Pegasus. Doctors have had really good results with this drug and I believe there will be another drug out toward the end of the year of first of next year.

I sympathize with all of us that deal with Hep. C. It is a very debilitating disease with struggles every day to cope with. My prayers are that everyone with Hep.C is cured of this horrible disease. Most of the people don't even know they have it until they are tested or try to give blood. Mine was from a transfusion in 1984, but if I hadn't had the transfusion I would have died then. Prayers and blessings to all...
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