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Ann's Fight

Posted on August 29 2014

Hi my name is Ann I got diagnosed with M.S. on August 13, 2001. After suffering from the disease for the last 13 years I have found that with out the love and support of my wonderful children and my husband I would not still be walking today, and would have given up. They have let me know it is okay to have those days where the legs don't work or the pain is so in my arms and legs I want to cry, and they are there to catch me when I stumble or can't quite do anymore. My son helps me see the humor in my disease and can always makes me laugh even on the worse days, my daughter has become the Walk MS coordinator here in Rochester,MN and has become an advocate not just for me, but everyone that suffers from this disease. I have discovered that if it wasn't for their support and for my friends and family around me I would have given up years ago.
My advise to all that suffer with this disease, and have other issues in their life remain strong, and love who you are. As my occupational therapist once said to me "you are not your disease, you are a wonderful human being that happens to have M.S."
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