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Anaplastic Astrocytoma

Posted on July 27 2015

Anaplastic Astrocytoma
Everytime I see my be brave bracelet and necklaces it reminds me of the battles I have and will win against brain cancer with the grace and mercy of God.
In 2013 I was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma after surgery and radiation went into remission was back at work two weeks after radiation. Feb 2015 disease recurrence two new tumors in the cingulate gurus and thalamus started chemo March 2015 now after two brain biopsy because the chemo wasn't working and the 3rd new tumor that started growing in May was doubled in size in June and the ones in cingulate gurus and thalamus also increased in size the new little tumors on the thalamus were too many to count. Thru all of this the power of God has giving me the peace, strength and understanding that sometimes we must go thru hard time to realize how bless we are and always have been. To be thankful for the love and presence of God in our lives our families and the most simple things in life have a meaning and importance that they didn't have before. Yes it's hard and the unknown sometimes can get the best of us but the love and power of Jesus Christ in our life can make the most difficult times easier and the darkest day into a beautiful bright rainbow morning! He is the Prince of Peace he gives rest to those who are troubled. The peace and love of the Almighty can make the impossible possible. Before all of this I use to live or should I say was dying from a major depression disorder that didn't allowe me to see how bless and fortune I was. I had a partner that loved me and I wasn't able to see his great love my health a loving family a career. None of that meant anything to me because my pain emptyness and the feeling of not being able to feel loved and self importance and self worth was killing me inside each day. I would hurt my self to feel the emotional pain in a physical way. But God changed all that in me he made the darkness into a beautiful morning sunshine he made me his daughter and gave me the value that no gold and no money can ever give a human I live each day of my life to thank him for relieving me of that dark cave I was living in or should I say dying in and giving peace and self worth to me I am for ever greatful for his mercy and love when am not worthy of him but Jesus love for me is bigger than my imperfections and my fear. His love is like a burning fire in my heart.
You guys will hear form me again and the next time it will be to tell you my testimony of the healing of the Great Almighty because I believe that super natural is possible because nothing is impossible for the Great I Am. I thank God everyday for my health his mercy and love. And the blessing of all the beautiful people that are supporting me and the prayers from my Pastor and our whole congregation. I have an army of warrior praying and fasting for me faith can move mountains and mine has God moving souls to feel my pain and worries the Victory is ours we fighting a good fight and God will glorify his name in my healing.
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