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Posted on December 17 2012

Who is the bravest person you know? A woman whose mind rang with current events and details of history past, now sits and reads the same paragraphs from the same books throughout the day and sometimes into the night. A gorgeous smile highlighted by red lipstick and raven black hair accenting her prominent cheekbones, she could have been a poster mother of the sixties, ever wearing a dress and apron as she cooked and cleaned, wearing pearls and diamonds daily. She now sits and questions what day it is, sometimes searching for long dead relatives within her house. And there are days when the smile comes back out of the clouds and tells me that she is still here and she remembers. She remembers how it was and perhaps how it is until the grey sneeks back and takes over leaving her with fear. But her bravery perseveres and she joins her family once more and reminds them of why there is love and that it alone is all that matters.


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