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Posted on December 13 2012

Who is the bravest person you know? my wife irene has been struggling for five years with early onset alzheimer's disease which takes a little piece of memory everyday. she no longer drives. still functions well everyday but you never know what piece of memory is going to go next. she no longer cooks. she keeps our house, does laundry and irons. we grocery shop together because she may shop for the same thing two or three days in a row. she is scared, tries to stay sharp but knows she is slipping. i will walk, not behind to catch her nor ahead to clear a path, but beside her into what most assuredly will be a journey into hell. she is so positive and hopeful for a breakthrough in time for her. i am blessed to be with such a good person. she has participated in several drug trials including 3 rounds of the failed bapineuzumab phase 3 trial. she believes if a trial it doesn't help her it may help someone else. she is a warrior and a role model. i am so proud of her and i love her so much.
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