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Aiden Binkley

Posted on September 07 2015

Aiden Binkley
We were a normal average middle class family, living in a suburb on Long Island. My husband and I had three boys, aged 8,5,&2. I was a stay at home Mom enjoying car pools to little league and play dates. At the end of third grade, my 8 yr old started to complain about pain when he sat. We went to the doctor who felt it was an odd complaint. He sent us to an orthopedic for X-rays and MRI. Within a week a mass was found in his pelvis. A week later we found out it was Rhabdomysarcoma a soft tissue cancer of the muscle. Aiden started Chemotherapy by the end of the week. Things move lightening fast in the cancer world. Aiden battled for a year and a half. Withstanding numerous rounds of chemo and radiation. We thought he was done. Then 2 months later, it was found he relapsed. Having relapsed so soon after treatment was a shock for us and his doctors. We were told there was nothing they could really do. We tried experiential treatments, surgery, but nothing worked. Aiden was by now 10. He begged his doctors to try chemo again. " I can't die at 10!!!" he cried. He was allowed to start chemo again, even though his doctors had no hope. By his 11th birthday, it was clear the chemo was doing nothing but making him sick. He chose to stop it. Aiden passed away in our arms in his "Mets" decorated room on 12/30/10.

My soul died too. I wished I were dead too, but I had 2 little boys who needed me. I fought to become more and more myself for them. There are difficult times to be sure. But fighting for a cure is a major part of this new life I have. Aiden loved how his story helped people who were struggling with things in their lives. It is my hope that raising money for St Baldricks will someday help them find a cure for Aiden's cancer and the many other types of Childhood Cancer.


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