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A Story of Hope at Give Kids The World Village

Posted on January 08 2016

A Story of Hope at Give Kids The World Village
We recently received this letter from one of the many wish families who had the opportunity to experience the happiness that inspires hope at Give Kids The World Village.

My family had a wonderful experience at Give Kids The World Village. It was an experience that my wife, my children, and I will never forget. Our visit there was our first family vacation three years after we had spent about a year and a half mostly in the hospital with my youngest son, who was fighting AML/JMML (Leukemia). He was diagnosed at 10 months old and suffered many complications, several surgeries, more drugs than a rock-star hippie from the 60's, deadly chemotherapy treatments, and a stem cell transplant...much of which nearly took his life several times.

We strengthened our faith in God in that isolated hospital room while my son could barely open his eyes to peer with a tear at us through those bars from his crib. At times, he could not even cry through all the equipment snaking out of his body, so we often cried for him. We felt helpless and simply prayed. However, God saw past the dozens machines, tubes and lines that were operating his lungs, heart, blood, and kidneys and He provided the miracles that carried Lucas through it all. With the doctors' hands and upon thousands of prayers, God breathed life back into my son and gave us the hope of recovery and joy. Make-a-Wish and Give Kids The World Village helped to deliver that joy to my family, and I am eternally grateful for God's grace, and the love and compassion of others.

It's been a long, hard journey that left my wife and I with more internal scars than those left on the flesh of my son. But now he's more healthy than most of the kids in his kindergarten class, and none of the kids know he was ever sick. He just enjoys wearing his "fast" shoes while playing soccer and t-ball when he's not busy beating me up or wrestling with his older "Bubby". He doesn't remember any of the tragedies and miracles he received, but he does remember our vacation at Give Kids The World Village and mentions it from time to time. So when my boys are old enough, I will take them there again to serve and love the other families that are hoping for same joy and grace that we once received.
In honor of National Superhero Day (April 28th), I wanted to share this story as reminder that we all have the ability to make a difference everyday. Stories like this one are only made possible by the generous supporters and partners of Give Kids The World Village. Thank you to our Heroes for helping us to provide happiness and hope in the lives of the families who need it the most.
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