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A Restorative Movement

Posted on February 27 2017

Heart Move Collective got started when our founder, Emily Harsh, found herself on her knees in the corner of a dark weight room crying out for God's peace.
Following the unexpected loss of her father in December of 2014, Emily was quickly swept into a tailspin of anger, anxiety, and sheer depression. She appeared unsalvageable. In the midst of walking through the deepest, darkest valley she had ever found herself in, she retreated to the only familiar place she knew and went to workout. On that cool, damp day, God spoke to Emily like never before. In the midst of the chaos around her...in the midst of the darkness...in the midst of the depression...God intervened. He used every rubber floor tile, every dumbbell, and every tear shed that day to bring restoration to Emily's life.
Since that day it has been Emily's mission to use her passion for fitness and nutrition to be a vessel for The Lord to bring His restorative power to the lives of people just like her. The Heart Move Collective was founded to use fitness and nutrition to bring hope and restoration to those battling depression and anxiety. A heart movement saved Emily's life, and here at the Heart Move Collective, we believe that it can save millions just like her.
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