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A mother's heartache

Posted on January 21 2015

My story is about my 13 year old daughter who has been bullied by a girl in her class for almost two years now. It started last year with the looks this girl would give my daughter when she walked into a room. It got worse at the end of the school year last year when this girl went to the principal and said that my daughter was suicidal and then told all the girls in their class. Of course none of it was true.
My poor daughter lived through the summer with girls approaching her at different events asking her what was going on. How devastating for a teenage girl to through! School started again this year and the bullying got worse. They would not let my daughter sit at "their" lunch table. They assaulted my daughter by pushing her into a locker...the girls mother then tried to confront my daughter at a basketball game, that was the end.
My daughter has become so shy and withdrawn it breaks my heart. She cries at the drop of a hat, as a mother what do you do? I just want to ask these girls what makes them better then everyone else?

Heartbroken in Maine
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