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Posted on January 10 2015

I just felt tired all of the time, but downed some coffee, or whatever I could legally get my hands on to give me energy. I got sick so easy, If there was a bug going around, I caught it. Some days I just felt so bad, my joints, hurt, my head hurt, my stomach hurt. It was horrible. I had my gallbladder removed with a very large stone in it, I had my appendix taken out, I had a partial hysterectomy, and I had been through alcohol rehab, all before the age of 32. I had went to school, cosmetology, got married, had two beautiful baby boys, with much, much, difficulty. I would drink, and keep on being everything to everyone, but the drinking relieved the pain in my body, and made me feel normal. I had been to the Dr. so much they thought I was crazy and I was, no one believed me. I was so depressed and miserable, I more than once contemplated suicide. I ended up divorced. Finally in 2010, after my now fiance' made me go to the ER because of another pain attack,I was diagnosed via, biopsies, having celiac disease. I had pain attacks in my upper belly for years. I felt so sick, for years, I lost almost everything because no one would ever take me seriously!!! I am now GF, feel better now than I ever have. But I suffered so much damage and didn't get the nutrients that I needed all of those years, I continue to have problems stemming from that. BUT, I am so thankful for my Brian, he believed me, he knew I wasn't a hypochondriac, HE saved me. Thank you God for sending him to me. Celiac disease sucks, and it affects every aspect of your body and life. I do not drink, I don't want to, I like feeling good and not numb. :)
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