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A Happy Valentine's Day TBI Story

Posted on February 14 2014

A Happy Valentine's Day TBI Story
I have sort of a supernatural feeling about these little bracelets. I got a small one for my wife for Valentine's Day, and a large for me--?also for V'day? :-)

My wife has been SO brave since we had an accident; she broke her poor little arm! I wish it could be my arm a thousand times instead. I was in a coma for a week; I had a brain injury, TBI. After that I went crazy...the doctors just said, okay, bye bye now! I walk out with broken bones, nose, face, wrist, hand, addicted to opiates. Just wild on the street with nothing, no where to turn for help.

Except. My. Wife.

Another doctor asked me to go to an outpatient Psych group, starting on Monday.  On Tuesday they called and kicked me out of the group, said I was angry and the other patients did not feel safe with me there.  Very few understand TBI; apparently when the frontal lobe is injured, widely varying emotions are expressed with little impulse control.  But the other half the time, I felt like nothing was wrong with me at all, and wondered why I could not deal with people, very easily.

Bracelet ? I would give my wife the beating heart from my chest, and smile, if I could repay her bravery. Now we are okay, but it has taken years for me to learn how to operate my mind again & completely get off all narcotics prescriptions!  I found a kind family practice doctor who smiles and talks to me, and prescribes a drug that helps my symptoms and is not one that can be abused, and I found a Psychologist who also is kind and treats me like a human being, and talks to me about anything I want to talk about.

I hope my wife can understand when I give this little bracelet to her. And I can wear mine to remind me not to freak out, (sometimes I do when I get excited. I stutter or I get very angry for no reason.). My plan is to remember I have a TBI, and that I need to be brave, persevere when I feel confused. I hope it works. I hope my wife can see how brave I think she is. I hope I can build a life size statue of her, in her honor, someday--maybe that would be enough "thank you" commensurate with the gratitude I feel toward her.

My Valentine's Day update:  success!  My wife loves the gift.  She feels that it is great what we have together, how hard we have worked together, how brave we have been together.

My hope is that everyone would have another person to give all of their love to so that you can begin to be heal, and learn to live with the new you, who is slightly different than that old you, who you cannot quite remember.  How fortunate I am.  I wish I could give all of my good fortune to you; best wishes to you and your families, all of you.

--Shawn, 2014
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