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A Battle with Health

Posted on April 02 2013

I have to admit I have never been blessed with good health but this has made me who I am. My entire life I have fought against Type 1 Diabetes, which was always ok because I never knew life any other way. In 2004 my life changed. I was finishing my senior year of College and ready to take life at full force when things started changing. In the fall just as school started my right leg started dragging, I thought it was a pinched nerve. General studies proved nothing and I was told it was complications to my diabetes. By mid- October I was unable to walk, could not write, could not drive, and my speech started slurring. I knew this was NOT diabetes. I had once read something on Multiple Sclerosis and I was fitting all of the symptoms! I called a Neruologist that I knew and by early November I was diagnosised with MS. I was 24 and did not know what life had instore for me. It took almost an entire year to become stable and here I am 8 yeara later stronger and as close to healthy as I could attempt. Four years ago I did my first triathlon something that with out a diagnosis of MS I am sure I would of never attempted but it was something I had to do to prove to myself that I could! I fight everyday with both diseases, but I make sure that I own them and that they do not own me!


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