William’s Warriors/Cerebral Palsy Fundraiser – Bravelets

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William’s Warriors/Cerebral Palsy Fundraiser

Started by: Sara Pinkston

William’s Warriors/Cerebral Palsy Fundraiser
William’s Warriors- As most of you know, William was diagnosed with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy. He just had a big surgery to help correct his hip dysplasia, release the adductor muscles, and release the heel cords. We will be looking at getting him a new walker and any other things he may need in the future. Yes, he has great Health Insurance coverage, but not all medical equipment is covered 100% by it, there are some things you do have to pay for out of pocket. So therefore, I have decided to try to raise some funds by doing a Bravelets fundraiser. A portion of your purchase will go into an account set up to help pay for these medical needs for William. I hope you will consider purchasing a Bravelet to wear in honor of William and to help us raise funds. We do appreciate all purchases made! We thank you all!! #williamswarriors #cerebralpalsy #bebrave #bestrong #beyou