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Teagan Strong

Started by: Ashley McDonnell

Teagan Strong
As some of you may know, Teagan is only 2 years old and has already had brain surgery to remove a brain tumor. In October, at 23 months old, Teagan fell and hit his head, as a precaution, his mother, Ashley took him to the ER. While at the ER they gave Teagan a CT scan and found a 2.8x3.5cm tumor on his cerebellum. After another ER visit the following Monday at Hershey, they were told that they would not be leaving and Teagan was to have an MRI the next day. The results of the MRI determined the tumor was localized (no other visible locations) to just his cerebellum and thankfully not on his spinal cord, his surgery was scheduled for that Friday. Fast forward to today, Teagan had his second and third surgery on February 7th at CHOP. The whole tumor was removed, unfortunately there is no guarantee that it won't grow back, because there could still be cells remaining and there really is no way to know. He has also been diagnosed with posterior fossa syndrome, sixth nerve palsy and emotional stability. His treatment is far from over. Him and his mom have been in the hospital for over a month now and they still have a week or two left there, while Teagan is in intense rehab. All proceeds will go towards teagans medical bills and necessities 💚