Rachel's Road – Bravelets

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Rachel's Road

Started by: Sue Chappel

Rachel's Road
Please join us as we walk with Rachel through her journey. We are raising money for the Foundation Fighting Blindness, in hopes one day, a cure for retinal diseases is found. Rachel was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at the age of 19. Now 24, Rachel, like millions of others, is living with no peripheral vision, no night vision, no drivers license, limited central vision, and the probability of complete blindness one day. Rachel faces each day with courage and strength, and continues to be an advocate for RP and the Foundation Fighting Blindness. As we try to increase awareness in retinal diseases, how to live with them, and how important the FFB is to those with blinding diseases; my daughter amazes me with her positivity and her gratefulness for all we have, instead of focusing on the struggles. By purchasing a Bravelet, you are supporting Rachel's Road, the Foundation Fighting Blindness, and showing Rachel you have her back during this journey. Let's be brave for Rachel and show her there's hope! Thank you!