Help support Night Fight and friends. – Bravelets

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Help support Night Fight and friends.

Started by: Collette Duddy

Help support Night Fight and friends.
On 01/11/2018, we saw the video of a crippled thoroughbred being lead through the ring at Cranbury Auction house in New Jersey. We knew we had to immediately act and purchase him. The man leading Night through the auction, who knew him well, said he was an ex-jumper and needed to be rescued. We put together Night's story, thanks to first getting a positive tattoo ID (thoroughbred that race have a tattoo on the inside of their lip which can identify them). His name is Night Fight, a 16 y/o thoroughbred gelding. He raced 13 times, mostly at Penn National and retired in 2006 with 13 starts, 3 wins and $33,399 in earnings. Night was a faithful horse to many a rider, and always did his job safely and with heart. He brought pleasure (and ribbons) to all that knew him. There wasn't a fence he wouldn't jump. Night was dumped when he could perform no longer due to degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis, ringbone and arthritis. We knew Night's story must be told, and bring awareness to the 100's of horses just like him that are at risk of being sent to auction every day. Night Fight was brave through this whole ordeal and now realizing he is safe forever, his personality is shining through.