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Fight the Fight; Find the Cure for Cancer

Started by: Kayla Myers

Fight the Fight; Find the Cure for Cancer

My name is Kayla Myers and I am Miss Liberty Bell 2018. As a current title holder, my platform is "Fight the Fight; Find the Cure for Cancer". Why is this cause important to me? My best friend, Rachael, was diagnosed and treated for lymphoma, a form of cancer, in 2014. After months of treatment, her cancer went into remission. Unfortunately, her cancer returned this past year and she is currently undergoing treatment for the second time in her life. Over the past few months I have watched cancer in action and it has not been pleasant. Cancer is a destroyer; it claimed Rachael’s curly hair, her abundant energy, her ability to attend school, and sadly it was strong enough to sever some relationships. Every day my friend gets up and fights the fight of her life. If she can do this then I will continue my work to Fight the Fight; Find the Cure for Cancer by educating children, teens, and adults on the importance of lifestyle choices and early detection as well as by raising funds for cancer treatment and research.

Where will your donation go? Since cancer is not just one disease I have chosen to work with the American Cancer Society as this organization is on a mission to free the world of all forms of cancer. The American Cancer Society takes a multifaceted approach in fighting cancer as they encourage prevention, foster innovation, provide support, promote public policy, and provide access to care. Their approach is why I am an active volunteer and a member of Temple University’s Relay for Life Leadership Team. Relay is a major fundraiser, but it is more than just raising money and more than people walking around a track; it is a celebration of life. This event, which is held around the United States, offers hope – hope for those with a cancer diagnosis, hope for survivors, and hope for friends and family of those fighting cancer.

Please join me in raising money for this worthwhile cause by purchasing from this site. Your generosity will be truly appreciated. Gratefully yours, Kayla Myers Miss Liberty Bell 2018