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Byron Brave

Started by: Heather Florrs

Byron Brave
Byron is such a spunky and amazing little boy and I am proud to be called his momma. This has been an exciting year for him for sure. He decided he wanted to wrestle and I was very skeptical at first but said ok, if this is what he wants then I will support it Many friends and family have watched Byron grow as a person and a wrestler this year. You have all seen my post on Facebook every weekend as we travel from place to place and spend long tiring weekends away from home at tournaments. He won first place at Rookie State in his weight class and 2nd place at SC State in his weight class as a first year wrestler. He has cried, he has laughed, he has cheered on his team mates but what makes me more proud is that he cheered on his opponents when he was not on the mat with them. To me that is amazing. But through all of this when he is on that mat it is a one man show. He had to get out there and focus. To me he is BRAVE! We are selling bracelets to raise funds so that he can go to the National Youth Wrestling Tournaments in Myrtle Beach, SC on April 27th thru April 29th. Please help us make this trip possible. We love you for all of your support!