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Started by: Lori Schulman

Bring Back Nice was inspired by the vision of a very brave little girl. Bullied since 2nd grade to the point of suicidal thoughts, Izzi and her mom moved to Kansas for a fresh start. Over the first few weeks of living in Kansas, one word kept coming up, "nice." Everything was nice, everyone was nice, life was getting nice again. Izzi had long talked about helping other kids like her to not be sad, but to be strong and brave. At dinner one night, Izzi stated to her mom, "It's not just about kids not being sad, it's about teaching bullies to be nice. Let's bring "nice" back everywhere." Together with her mom, Izzi hopes to bring back "nice" to the world. Our mission is to educate and empower children to understand differences in peers, become bully prevention advocates, and live as NICEkids™️. To create awareness and prevention of childhood suicidal thoughts and actions.